Gutters by Boss is a locally owned, family operated small business that specializes in seamless gutter installation, rain chains, gutter guards, gutter cleaning, repair and maintenance.    Our company sets high standards for quality and we are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.  We will never leave a job until the customer is 100% satisfied. 

Aluminum gutters are the most widely used, are very lightweight and come in a variety of different colors.  Aluminum gutters are so popular mainly because they don’t rust – which is an important feature to have for something that deals with water.

Copper gutters are known mainly for their aesthetic appeal and beauty. However, with great looks comes a great price. Copper gutters are some of the most expensive types of gutters.  Copper also won’t rust. They will, however, need to be professionally installed because they require welds to connect the seams and joints. This contributes to the high cost of copper gutters.  

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are custom made to your home and have no sections. Each length of gutter is one solid piece, leaving no room for parts to fall off and cause leaks.

Well installed gutter systems protect your home from foundation failure, fascia rot, prevent damage to landscaping, and reduce the risk of termite infestation. 


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is very important because not only are clogged gutters unsightly, they can lead to water damage in your home's walls and roof.  To avoid this problem, be sure you clean your gutters at least twice a year.  It's a good idea to also have your downspouts cleaned, since they can become clogged and make gutters backup and overflow.

Gutters by Boss services Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, see our service area map for more information.

You can request a free estimate by completing our form, or calling us at 281-628-6845

Aluminum Gutters
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